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Choice of the World’s Top DX'ers 2015 Programme
Cashback entitlements from Yaesu UK
Just like last year, Yaesu UK have announced a new series of cashback offers and which run with immediate effect until June 30th 2015. The cashback offers are shown below. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE CASHBACK CLAIM FORM. Follow the instructions on the form to claim your cashback.
FTDX-9000 Series - Cash back entitlement £365.00
FTDX-5000 Series - Cash back entitlement £220.00
FTDX–3000D - Cash back entitlement £146.00
FTDX-1200 - Cash back entitlement £73.00
DR-1XE Installation Support/Cashback
Any Repeater Group, Repeater Keeper or Radio Club that successfully installs a new DR-1XE and meets the qualifying criteria for at least 30 days after the installation is entitled to receive a £400.00 Cashback. DOWNLOAD THE CASHBACK FORM and follow the instructions to claim your rebate.

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5th September 2015

GB7DE is a dual port D-Star Digital Repeater System (2m & 70cm) and has an internet gateway which is linked to the Internet 24/7. The Gateway will allow access to XRF, DCS , CCS & DPlus reflectors. The Repeater has excellent coverage around Fife, Edinburgh and the Lothians. GB7DE Scottish D-Star Reflector XRF600.  Host address: xrf600.gb7de.co.uk.
FOR MORE INFORMATION http://www.gb7de.co.uk
Icom have reduced their prices on a number of Amateur Radio products. 
New prices are as follows:

ID-51E (and ID-51E PLUS) £399.00  IC-2730E £269.00   ID-5100E £529.00   ID-5100E DELUXE £679.00
IC-7100 £1089.00   IC-718 £579.00   IC-7410 £1489.00   IC-7600 - £2489.00  IC-9100 £2699.00 
The Yaesu WIRES-X HRI-200 (Wide-coverage Internet Repeater Enhancement System) enables Internet to RF communications that expands the range of amateur radio using internet enabled Voice-over-IP technology. Comes complete with all wiring for Yaesu Equipment. Registration is required to access the Yaesu server.
Yaesu FT2DE Handy Transceiver with 1.7" Touch Screen Display
This leading edge transceiver is designed with ease of use in mind with a full back-lit touch panel display. The 1.7-inch high resolution touch screen display provides loads of information through an easily navigatable interface, providing stress-free operability and a high level of on-screen visibility for the FT2DE operator.
The FT2DE is also equipped with AMS (Automatic Mode Select) capability providing FM friendly digital communications that instantly recognizes either digital or FM analog communication and enables co-existance between the various communication modes.
In addition, we have also included standard System Fusion features in the FT2DE to make it an ideal digital communication product for all Amateur Radio operators, such as (but not limited to): Snapshot with image data transmitting (requires MH-85A11U), Smart Navigation, Digital Group Monitor (GM) featuring position data and ID data transmitting during transmissions, and full support for the new and robust WiRES-X.
The advanced FT2DE is loaded with various new features such as: 700mW of clear loud audio, Built- in High Sensitivity 66ch GPS with antenna, 1200 bps / 9600 bps APRS® function, Dual watch (V/V, U/U/, V/U), Dual Monitor (C4FM Digital/C4FM Digital), GPS Logging/Recording capabilities, Water resistant (IPX5 Rating), micro SD Card Slot, and 2200mAh high capacity Li-Ion battery.
Coming Soon To Jaycee

Icom are pleased to announce details of the new IC-2730E dual band mobile transceiver which will be available in early 2015. This stunning new VHF/UHF dual band mobile transceiver provides VHF/VHF, UHF/UHF simultaneous receive capability as well as VHF/UHF receive. An independent tuning knob, separate controller and large display makes it ideal for easy, intuitive mobile operation.
The IC-2730E is the latest Amateur radio product from Icom to provide optional Bluetooth capability allowing you to control the IC-2730E with the optional VS-3 Bluetooth headset (optional UT-133 Bluetooth unit must be installed in the IC-2730E).

Planned Features
• Optional VS-3 Bluetooth Headset. Large Easy-to-See, Backlit Display
• Easy Vehicle Mounting with Optional MBF-1
• HM-207, Remote Control Microphone
• VHF/VHF, UHF/UHF Simultaneous Receive Capability
• Controller Attachment to the Main Unit with Optional MBA-4
• Independent controls for each band

Coming Soon To Jaycee

Product background and outline: The TS-590S was put on the HF amateur radio market in October 2010 and has been enjoying a good reputation by its high reception, high performance and reasonable pricing. HF/50MHz transceiver "TS-590SG" is to be launched in the market as a successor of TS-590S and has brushed up its basic performance and functions to meet customers' demands. By adopting technology developed for our flagship model TS-990S, the transmission and reception performance has been greatly improved. TS-590SG evolves for more comfortable operation from the beginner to DX'er.



Annan 200DE - Reduced £350 = £2874.96 Ex Tax
Annan 100DE - Reduced £340 = £2216.63 Ex Tax
Annan 100e - Reduced £340 = £1633.29 Ex Tax
Annan 10e - Reduced £190 = £1133.29 Ex Tax

Click Here For Technical Specifications
Click Here For Annan Series Brochure

Mosley Antenna in the UK @ Jaycee


  • For over 65 years, Mosley has been the industry leader in Design, Innovation, Quality and Service.

  • Built to precise specifications in Missouri,USA, no detail is overlooked in the constant Mosley effort to supply the greatest antenna values possible to the Amateur Radio and Industrial markets.

  • It begins with the selection of materials known to be capable of surviving the rigors of worldwide climatic conditions...from arctic icing to typhoon driven salt air.

  • Such materials are used in  all  Mosley antennas. Quality is never sacrificed to bring a good price. A two year warranty is standard.

  • Options include the 'Mini' series for those with restricted space and the 'Junior' series offering great performance for those on a tight budget yet still retaining high quality standards.

Click Here to visit our page concerning Mosley Antennas

Rotators- RC5-1 down £499 to £429 * RC5-3 down £599 to £519 * RC5A-3 down £849 to £729
Log-periodic antennas- CLP5130-1N down £399 to £349 * CLP5130-2N down £299 to £239

Beginner's Bargain Bumper Bundles

If you're new to the fascinating World of HAM Radio and feel unsure what to buy then we can help with truthfully honest advice. As a family run business with a successful track record exceeding three decades, we know everything about the products we sell and how technical support is an important feature before making any purchase.
Naturally, we're keen to welcome newcomers to the global fraternity of friends while easing the cost of starting up from scratch.
Contact us and we'll try to push that budget further than it might otherwise go. Choose from a selection of equipment and accessories, both new and used, bundle them together then receive a big 'thank-you' discount! Easy-Peasy and there's loan finance available on most items too subject to status. Get More – Pay Less!


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